November 22, 2015

Preschool and Elementary STEM/STEAM Workshops

CEI STEM Road Show: Bring STEM/STEAM learning to your classroom, school, or district

CEI delivers highly rated STEM/STEAM workshops that range from 1.5- 6 hours.  For 20 or fewer participants we provide one trainer at costs starting at $1200-$1700.  For 20-50 participants, we provide 2 trainers, at costs starting at $2000-$2800.  Discounts are available for teachers and schools in the Washington, DC metropolitan area or when you request 2-6 sessions. Contact Dr. Mason at for information on available modules and customization for your circumstances.

On-Going Workshops in Washington, DC

Currently offering STEAM. . .Its Elementary! in Washington, DC.  90 minute sessions

Washington, DC: Pricing for one participant starts at $60.00/session
Registration for the complete series: $280.00 – $445.00 (5 Sessions)
Group discounts and special rates for DCACPS members 

Register nowReview our training schedule below and register today for sessions offered as a part of these targeted training opportunities for elementary teachers.

Also available upon request:

STEM/STEAM Focus Starts Early: Professional Development for Early Childhood Educators
Each training event is designed to enhance the educational experiences for pre-school students using the STEM/STEAM fields: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. All workshops include hands-on activities and tools, as well as opportunities for follow-up technical assistance.

A Sampling of Our Sessions
Session One: “Introduction to STEAM Learning
Trainer: Orinthia Harris
Designed to help early childhood educators recognize what STEAM learning looks like in Pre-K classroom settings, this session will highlight the major characteristics of STEAM education in the Pre-K classroom, offer practical solutions on providing real world context for young learning using quick and easy STEAM-based activities, present how-to activities on creating lessons using content standards associated with Common Core Curriculum, and introduce technology-based tools that enhance educational experiences for young learners.

Session Two: Coding and “Using Weebly® in the Classroom”
Trainer: Orinthia Harris
With technology-based web applications in the classroom like Weebly®, the possibilities are almost endless! Learn how to create a classroom website that serves as the hub for lessons, games and information. And, extend the learning to your students by teaching them to add images, videos, and even maps on their own websites.

Session Three: “Exploring Robotics”

Trainer: Orinthia Harris
Robotics at the preschool level take many shapes and forms. This session will include examples of how to integrate robotics into preschool classrooms, including robot songs, books, and arts-based options for preschoolers. Teachers will both learn about robotics that they can use in classroom centers and also be given the opportunity to develop robots, with steps to take back to their classrooms so that preschoolers can develop simple robots. Using Legos, pipe cleaners, toothpicks and other objects normally found in the Pre-K classroom teachers will learn how to create simple robots, how to teach the basic functions of a robot, and why robots are so important in society.

In addition to robotics you will be introduced to what basic programming and coding look like in the early childhood classroom.  You will be exposed to a number of apps, software, and guides that have been produced that make the often-complex subject of computer coding easy to grasp for young learners.  Programming is a basic literacy skill that should be introduced in preschool, in this session you will learn fun activities and games that intuitively teaches basic programming and coding concepts including algorithms and loops.

Session Four: “Art + STEM = STEAM”
Trainer: Orinthia Harris
Integrating dance, movement, music and visual arts with the STEM fields presents a unique opportunity to engage preschool learners. As a part of this session, attendees will develop and practice STEAM projects that feature curriculum enhancements, including botany concepts, sensory stimulation activities, and visual art exercises focused on the life sciences.

Session Five: “Full STEAM Ahead: Adding STEAM Centers to your Classroom”
Trainer:  Orinthia Harris and Dr. Christine Mason
Optimize your classroom for STEAM success! Take advantage of expert tips and resources shared on options for modifying STEAM instruction to match student interest, as well as educational need. There are new options for everything from block-stacking exercises to creating robots, and integrating dance and design activities that supporting literacy and numeracy.

Meet our Presenters:

OHOrinthia Harris, STEM Educator. Orinthia Harris is a dynamic educator with over ten years of experience both inside and outside the classroom.  She collects, analyzes, and interprets data related to academic goals and teacher effectiveness.  She has assisted in implementing after- school, STEM, and community based intervention programs with the Columbia Association, the Boys & Girls Club, elementary schools, and several faith based organizations.  She served in her District’s ESOL department where she designed and implemented brain-based lessons for elementary ESOL students.

Orinthia has a passion for making learning engaging, and has presented on how to effectively motivate and engage all students.  She is a member of Center for Applied Science and Technology’s (CAST) faculty cadre, where she developed free resources that link UDL and the Common Core State Standards for National center on UDL.  She is currently working on her dissertation at Notre Dame of Maryland University.  Her thesis will focus on the effect of teacher perceptions on STEM achievement.

CMDr. Christine Y. Mason, CEI Executive Director. Dr. Christine Mason is a nationally recognized expert in the area of educational reform. Dr. Mason has made more than 500 national, international, regional, and local presentations on topics ranging from inclusion and IDEA to student self-determination, heart centered and 21st Century learning, principal mentoring and integrating the arts. She has led CEI since 2009, providing a gateway to 21st Century Learning. Dr. Mason provides STEAM presentations on problem-based learning, global warming, stimulating Wow! and student engagement, and arts integration.

Dr. Mason has served as a researcher, professor, senior scientist in disability education, university professor, evaluator, consultant, and entrepreneur. Her research has centered on She has also served as an Interim Principal at the Miri Piri Academy in Amritsar, India; Director of Professional Development for the Student Support Center in Washington, D.C.; a Senior Research Scientist with Cessi in McLean, Va.; the Senior Director for Research and Development with the Council for Exceptional Children; and Associate Executive Director of Research and Development at the National Elementary School Principal’s Association.

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