June 8, 2012


Mapping 21st Century Learning

The Center for Educational Improvement (CEI) is dedicated to translating the latest education research into practical interventions elementary and middle school leaders can use to ‘fast track’ academic progress. There is research available to address almost any educational problem that arises’”whether that problem is related to student learning or behavior. So the question becomes one of getting the knowledge into the hands and the repertoire of those who need it.

CEI curates and shares the latest research in 21st century innovations in learning as well as conducts our own research studies to identify the most effective ways to apply evidence-based best practices to ‘fast track’ academic progress. CEI’s leadership in research centers on (1) bringing the most advanced knowledge and skills to schools in ways that resonate with school leaders and (2) closing the gap between what is known about student achievement and well-being, and what is practiced in schools.

CEI’s research  focuses on:

In developing a research agenda for these areas, CEI identifies the necessary leadership practices and competencies, including: setting direction and priorities, maintaining high expectations for staff and students, building relationships and developing people, creating inclusive communities, ensuring cultural competence, leading instructional programs, building capacity, sustaining innovations, and securing accountability.

For these research areas, and particularly in Heart Centered Learning™, we recognize that teacher improvement alone will not result in the significant changes that are needed to enhance outcomes for schools and school systems. For significant changes in student achievement to occur, the involvement of principals as on-site instructional leaders is needed. At the system level, this also requires school board improvement and fostering a culture of professionalism, leadership development, administrative structures, parent and community supports, and succession planning. CEI’s research identifies the successful leadership frameworks’”in the United States and internationally’”that can be customized to an individual district or school’s needs to achieve this vision.

For CEI to conduct research in the areas we have defined, related work in curriculum development, strategic visioning, and designing instructional methodologies is needed. CEI is reviewing existing curriculum and methodologies, reviewing outcomes with these approaches, and beginning to design alternative, 21st century approaches to accelerating learning and implementation of STEM, neuroscience, heart centered learning, and rigor in schools and classrooms.

Please contact Dr. Christine Mason at cmason@edimprovement.org  for more information on pricing and/or bringing CEI’s research-based leadership frameworks and practices to your school, district, or conference. To design a customized approach for your school, district, or conference, we offer two hours of free consultation.