Heart Beaming

Heart Beaming is a method Dr. Christine Mason, CEI Director, and Karen Lee Banks, M. ED., CEI Research Associate, developed from yoga/meditation practice to help students relieve stress, improve performance, and enhance classroom interactions through song, dance, movement, fun, laughter and positive thinking.

In this module, you will learn yoga/meditation practice and how to combine it with Heart Beaming in the classroom.

Key Points

  • Heart Beaming is a positive thing for youth and adults to do. It is not expensive. It does not take hours of in-service and preparation to learn to teach. The only equipment required is one’s heart, body, and mind. It can be done anywhere, anytime.
  • It is more than reading about change, and it really connects with individuals at a level that is beyond words’”it is one thing to protest, another to role play, and something else to simply sit and project out love.
  • From what we know about neuroscience, by heart beaming, and focusing our energies on projecting out love, we are wiring our thoughts for a positive connection with others. By adding the heart-hand component, hands over heart, we have added a kinesthetic experience to the mental projection. By engaging in Heart Beaming, especially with repetition over time, there is a high likelihood that other, less positive thoughts will be replaced with thoughts of love and kindness.


1 to 2 hours or day-long session depending on the degree of customization. Heart Beaming is also available as ‘mini-breaks’ inserted into other training sessions, so if you are registering for other customizable modules, be sure to ask about including Heart Beaming.


Dr. Christine Mason