December 3, 2013

NEWS RELEASE: Center for Educational Improvement Leading Schools to Excellence, through Excellence

For Immediate Release

1615 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

Contact: Dr. Christine Mason

ALEXANDRIA, Va. ‘“ Dec. 2, 2013 ‘” The Center for Educational Improvement (CEI) is moving forward with its plans for advancing 21st century educational innovations in 2014 bolstered by the support it received from the  National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP), which continues to provide invaluable seed funding, Dr. Christine Mason, CEI Executive Director, announced at a small celebration held in Washington, DC, today.

“I am very thankful NAESP provided seed money to enable CEI to strengthen our connections with principals as well as expand our reach nationally and internationally.  By focusing the past two years on the needs of principals and learning from  NAESP’s stellar team of principal mentors, CEI has increased the depth of our understanding about how to approach a myriad of educational issues.  I am thrilled that the NAESP will continue as a dissemination partner and that the NAESP Foundation will be providing CEI with related supports,” she said. “We have learned a lot during our two years as NAESP’s center for research and professional development, and we are excited to move forward sharing our vision, research, curricula, and expertise with school districts, principals, teachers, businesses, and global education leaders in the United States and abroad.”

Thanks to new and strengthened partnerships with Operation RespectC8 Sciences, and many principals who want to be engaged in research in their schools, CEI is enhancing its ability to improve education regardless of zip code nationally and internationally. To enhance its capacity, CEI will continue to work with principals to integrate their perspectives in the research and innovations it promotes.  However, CEI will also be engaging with districts and state education officials in planning and conducting its initiatives.

Mark Weiss, Director of Education with Operation Respect, an anti-bullying educational program that has been shared with more than 22,000 schools throughout the world, said he is pleased to partner with CEI to combine Operation Respect’s motivational program with CEI’s approach to Heart Centered Education:

“We know that many kids today live with stress and trauma in cultures that are too violent.  Chris, Peter Yarrow, and I share a common concern’”schools could be doing more to support youth. Children who sit in classrooms need more than an ‘˜academic focus’ to be engaged.  Operation Respect has worked in Israel, the Ukraine, the United States, and many other countries to share the `Don’t Laugh at Me’ song and program across cultures with schools, educators, students and parents,” he said. “However, schools sorely need a `Heart centered’ curriculum that can be integrated into everyday classroom activities.  CEI’s 5 Cs’”compassion, courage, confidence, consciousness, and community’”not only make sense, we see them as essential for creating the changes that are needed in school communities.’

Dr. Bruce Wexler, a neuroscientist at Yale University and who is investigating programs to strengthen working memory and other cognitive functions through C8 Sciences, said of CEI: ‘We are looking forward to deeper connections with CEI.  Chris’ passion and expertise is inspiring. We make an excellent team and have plans to conduct workshops and webinars with CEI in addition to the research initiatives we are already pursuing.’

CEI also is putting together a board of directors and corporate advisory board to help develop and lead its vision for the future. Combined with its team of trainers and education consultants and editorial team (Monica Jerbi, Communications Consultant; Carolyn Lieberg, Wow! Ed Editor; Suzan Mullane, Research Consultant; Ingrid Padgett, Business Development Strategist; Carol Sorgen, Writer; George White, Writer; and Victoria Zelvin, Intern), CEI is well positioned to fulfill its mission to support and uplift schools through 21st century learning and leadership.

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