December 28, 2013

Monitoring & Evaluation

Identifying What Works, How,
and Under What Conditions


The Center for Educational Improvement (CEI) has experience turning schools around, improving student academic achievement, and researching 21st century innovations in learning. We bring visionary insights to the monitoring, evaluation and quality assurance services we offer schools and districts to assist them in achieving their improvement and quality objectives.

CEI’s monitoring, evaluation and quality assurance services fall under four broad areas: design and planning, tools and systems, data analysis and interpretation, and 21st century evaluation of student progress.

We realize that schools worldwide are stressed by the pressures they face to accelerate student learning. Data are essential to making effective decisions regarding programs and approaches to learning. We will work with you to design your data systems and review your progress. We also collaborate with researchers to facilitate evaluation and quality assurance monitoring components of research projects.

Range of Services

CEI enhances outcomes for schools and students by:

  • Providing rigorous monitoring and evaluation through the application of consistent standards and expectations that allow comparisons across similar activities
  • Creating rubrics (such as the National Association of Elementary School Principals Academic Rigor Rubric) for teacher and principal planning and observation
  • Conducting comprehensive formative evaluations for effective instructional planning and implementation
  • Designing and implementing comprehensive summative evaluations to measure “value added” growth and inform decisions about future interventions and innovations
  • Quality controlling the short-cycle assesments teachers use to gather data to customize and differentiate instruction
  • Reviewing strategic plans to refine improvement and quality assurance objectives and strategies, identify additional technology and other supports, and assist with defining and measuring paths for rapid progress
  • Facilitating measurement of social emotional (and heart centered) education and learning
  • Helping schools identify practical ways to gather, disaggregate, and analyze the most critical data, thus building expertise and capacity to deliver positive outcomes for students
  • Sharing, understanding, and applying standards and expectations, increasing levels of consistency across teachers and schools
  • Conducting quantitative and qualitative data collection, including interviews, surveys, expert reviews, literature reviews, and observations
  • Analyzing data to identify what works, how, and under what conditions
  • Envisioning and designing 21st century global systems for measuring student progress

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Quality Assurance Tools

Our monitoring, evaluation, and quality assurance tools include:

  • Root Cause Analysis and Developing Action Research Plans as developed by Dr. Scott Bauer from George Mason University.
  • Focused Improvement Planning (FIP), a method developed by John Simmons and the Strategic Learning Initiative that empowers both administrators and teachers. We especially appreciate the procedures that Simmons and his colleagues use to obtain buy-in and commitment from teachers and principals.
  • ASSISTments, a free online platform allowing teachers to write and select questions, students to get immediate and useful tutoring, and teachers to receive instant reports to help inform their classroom instruction. This tool provides an avenue for technology enhanced data-driven instruction.
  • The NAESP Academic Rigor Rubric
  • CEI STEM rigor, observation/walk through, formative evaluation, and other tools– including customized tools to meet your specific needs.
  • Common Core Checklist for Principals
  • 21st Century Technology Use: Guidelines for School Principals
  • Response to Intervention (RTI) screening to pinpoint students who either are behind or are most at risk for falling behind academically. The National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP), which continues to provide CEI invaluable seed funding, is a founding partner of the RTI Action Network.

Please contact Dr. Christine Mason at or (800) 386-2377 for more information on pricing and/or bringing CEI’s monitoring, evaluation and quality assurance services to your school or district. To design customized services, we offer two hours of free consultation.