July 11, 2018

Classroom Content Mapping

Collaboration: Curriculum Crafter New_CCLOGO-W--TEXT(platform-use)

September, 2016. CEI is now teaming with  Curriculum Crafter, the only company that offers an Educational Resource Planning Platform with the capacity to create, align, and map classroom content all in one place. Curriculum Crafter provides an easy to use flexible platform for teachers to plan, share lessons, and track progress. Executive Director and educator Christine Mason offers her supportive testimonial:

“Of the cloud-based offerings that facilitate curriculum planning, organizing, monitoring, and decision-making, Curriculum Crafter has several enhancements that set it apart from the pack. I was particularly impressed with the extensive nature of the components Curriculum Crafter provides across grade levels, as well as the partnership with NWEA. Curriculum Crafter is NWEA’s newest Instructional Content Provider giving teachers immediate access to K ‘“ 12 teaching resources specifically aligned to MAP Learning Statements by RTI ranges’”making it simple to quickly individualize instruction based on MAP assessment results.

From a 21st Century perspective here are some of the unique features that caught my attention:

  • It includes K-12 curriculum that is vetted and curated by education professionals.
  • The curriculum is more than a list of aligned resources or activities. The components are all part of the instructional process and are connected to a larger instructional plan for teachers.
  • In addition to links to math and reading standards, it includes links to Next Generation Science Standards.
  • It includes over 2,000 teacher developed sample lesson plans.
  • It includes a content for early childhood and early literacy for K-3.
  • It has a resource for incorporating problem solving activities.
  • It includes Project Based Learning ‘“ Engaging Scenarios and ideas for service learning projects
  • The components are constantly updated and can be used as-is or customized to fit the local needs of the district, teachers and students.

The above features are embedded into the comprehensive Curriculum Crafter structure which includes a lesson planning function, a curriculum mapping function and simple and easy ways for users to cut and paste to modify content, create units, and develop lesson plans.  All of these can easily be shared with others, progress can be tracked, and reports generated. All in a great resource for teachers and administrators alike!”

Christine Mason
Executive Director, Center for Educational Improvement