July 10, 2018

CEI Workshops

We Travel to You

The Center for Educational Improvement (CEI)  offers cutting-edge, practical, hands-on workshops to lead your school or district to excellence. We also offer training modules customized to meet your individual school or district’s needs.

Our training modules can be delivered in one- to three-hour sessions or combined into multi-day workshops. Please contact Dr. Christine Mason at cmason@edimprovement.org for more information on pricing and/or bringing CEI’s professional development services to your school, district, or conference. To design a customized approach for your school, district, or conference, we offer two hours of free consultation.

Newest Offerings 

New! Early Childhood Trauma. Workshops on neurobiology and strategies for alleviating trauma for preschoolers. Suzan Mullane has experience training trauma teams in Appalachia with schools and communities in the midst of the opioid epidemic,

New! Trauma and Mindfulness Workshops and Technical Assistance. CEI is now offering Mindfulness awareness and training for teachers, principals, and students. Dr. Mason and Dr. Rivers Murphy are collaborating with Dr. Yvette Jackson to bring you Mindfulness Workshops based on our book to be published in 2018. With our workshops and technical assistance, learn about how to alleviate the impact of trauma through mindfulness and heart centered learning. Mix and match workshops to meet your needs:

  • Mindfulness in Schools: An Introductory Overview (includes information on research findings, best practices, and implications for children’s well being and academic achievement)
  • Poverty, Drug Abuse, Urban Crime – Trauma and Mindfulness
  • Understanding Toxic Stress and Trauma – neuroscience and ways to alleviate short and long-term effects
  • Mindfulness and Cultural Competence
  • Mindfulness and Reducing Stress for Teachers and Principals
  • Healing in the Classroom
  • Benefits of Deep Breathing and Movement, including Yoga and Heart Beaming
  • Meditations for Classrooms
  • Mindfulness Practices for Teachers and Principals
  • Mindfulness and Classroom Instruction
  • Neuroscience, Executive Functioning, and Enhancing Academic Achievement
  • Mindful Leadership
  • Mindfulness and Yoga Play for PreK-Kindergarten – Available March 2018

Mindfulness and Yoga Play for Prek-Kindergarten. Yoga, mindfulness, and yoga play can be incorporated naturally during group time, nap time, and story time in your preschool-K classes. Learn about the music, stories, books, websites and resources that you can use and receive instruction in basic yoga poses that children love. Book Mindfulness and Yoga Play for Prek-Kindergarten as a 90 minute, 1/2 day or day long workshop.

Yoga, Mindfulness, and Meditation for Schools. Dr. Mason has 17 years experience teaching yoga, mindfulness, and meditation.  She can customize these sessions for teachers and other school staff, parents, and children. Special: If Dr. Mason provides another workshop for your district, she will add a 30 or 50-minute yoga/meditation/mindfulness workshop at no additional charge.

Tinkering, Making, and Engineering. CEI Trainer Orinthia Harris has designed a workshop to help you get your preschool STEM program up and running. Tinkering is so perfect for 3 and year-olds. Learn something about the steps, the role of the teacher, how to assess progress, and how to differentiate instruction even at your learning centers. View a videoclip from a recent session here and contact CEI so that your school can participate in our highly rated workshops.

  • Preschool Makerspaces.  Get your students actively involved in designing and making projects.  From the simple to the sublime. Participants plan together and gain hands-on experiences that they can take to their classrooms. A  session to stimulate your intellect and your curiosity.  If you love to teach, this is a session for you!
  • Incorporating Play and Nature into the Preschool Curriculum.  Roll up your sleeves and get prepared for some serious play! We help you consider developmental needs, safety considerations, and the fun factor. Take a walk in the woods with us. Participants learn about the why’s and how’s of structured play, improving playground experiences, stimulating curiosity, and why the “back to nature” movement has a place in preschools.
  • Designing Schools for STEAM: Placing your School in a Larger Ecosystem. Our leader guides you through the process she used to create an innovative space that is designed for STEM/STEAM. Now offering this session in New England with Jillayne Flanders, award winning principal and CEI Trainer.

STEM/STEAM Workshops

CEI offers professional development on the most effective ways to infuse 21st century science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEM/STEAM) curricula and strategies into classrooms. We provide customized training for Pre-K through Grade 12 and an array of STEM/STEAM workshops:

  • Introduction to STEM/STEAM: 6 Approaches to STEM/STEAM
  • Robotics
  • Coding
  • STEM + “A” = Adding Art
  • STEAM Learning Centers
  • STEM Problem Solving, and
  • How STEM contributes to 21st Century Literacy
  • Using Adobe Photoshop to support STEM (specific sessions for middle school teachers)
  • Preschool Makerspaces
  • Incorporating Play and Nature into the Preschool Curriculum
  • Designing Your School for STEAM: Placing Your School into a Larger Ecosystem

Rigor Workshops

CEI and the NAESP offer Roadmap to Rigor Workshops based on the National Association of Elementary School Principal’s Rigor Rubric, which helps principals and teachers engage in discussions about rigor and plan for integrating greater rigor into instruction in their schools.  While it can be used as an observation and feedback tool, many principals may find it easier to use this instructional leadership tool to help teachers become more aware of the components that facilitate greater rigor.

A really strong component of the rubric is that it describes in detail what the teacher is doing and what the student is doing and outlines the process necessary to address higher-order thinking skills, deep understanding, problem solving, and metacognition. The rubric includes an extensive annotated bibliography of books, articles, websites, DVDs, and YouTubes related to rigor and brief descriptions of what the resources are all about.

Kathleen Sciarappa, Ph.D., leads the workshops on the Rigor Rubric. The workshops can be delivered at your school, district, or state conference and customized for training K-12 administrators, leadership teams, and/or district staff. Participants will:

  • Reflect on the relevance of rigor to the high academic standards and 21st century learning
  • Consider examples and non-examples of rigor
  • Learn about research and best practices around rigor
  • Learn how to use the NAESP Rigor Rubric
  • Apply portions of a rigor rubric to various teacher lessons;
  • Return to school ready to integrate the academic rubric into daily lessons

kathleen-sciarappaDr. Sciarappa is collaborating with CEI in delivering workshops related to rigor. Dr. Sciarappa has 26 years of experience as an elementary and middle school principal and has received numerous awards for her work. She was an urban educator in Ohio and now pursues her interest in working with aspiring, new, and practicing principals as a mentor, adjunct professor, and educational consultant. Dr. Sciarappa coordinates a statewide mentor program for school leaders in New Hampshire, facilitates principal networks, and is a trainer with NAESP’s principal mentor program. She has been a guest speaker at numerous professional gatherings throughout the nation. Dr. Sciarappa holds a Doctorate of Education from Nova Southeastern University, a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Educational Leadership from Plymouth State University, and a Master of Education from Northeastern University.

Please contact Christine Mason ( cmason@edimprovement.org) to bring this workshop to your school or district.