Elastic Thinking: Staying Competitive in Our Fast-Paced World

Dana Asby, CEI Intern Current societal demands have us multi-tasking our way through our days: texting while making breakfast, checking the news while waiting for the bus, and filling every free moment gaining or exchanging new pieces of information. To keep up with this information overload and adapt to our ever-changing world, Leonard Mlodinow says[…]

A Teacher’s Appeal to the Heart – Does Spirituality Have a Place in Schools?

By Marah Barrows, CEI Intern, and Christine Mason Does spirituality have a place in schools? A tough question. Particularly since we have been ingrained with the separation of religion and state and also because we are acutely aware that we do not want to impose our religion or spirituality on others. But what is spirituality?[…]

Where is Your School Headed? Dissolve Your Problems & Be an Outlier

By Christine Mason, CEI Executive Director Do You Even Want to Dream? This week and next, after a summer of play, students are headed back to school. Principals and teachers have been gearing up for the first day of school, considering their plans for the year. If your school is like many others, you may be[…]

Building Compassion through Games and Strategies

By Jordan Gilliard, CEI Intern Games and fun, hands-on activities help students tackle more difficult concepts and feelings in a casual yet high-spirited way. Robert Marzano has conducted more than 60 educational studies showing that there is a significant effect on students’ academic achievement when games and activities are applied to their learning process. Activities help[…]


By Christine Mason, CEI Executive Director Did you know that the FDA regulates that size of holes in Swiss Cheese?  Apparently the size of holes has created some difficulties in slicing, so the size is now regulated to be 3/8 to 3/16 inches in diameter. So is there a hole regulation industry?  The holes in[…]

The Kinetic Classroom: The Pedal-Desk, ADHD, and the Mind-Body Connection

 By Richard Ogoe, CEI Intern The modern classroom is evolving. Advanced technologies are very quickly finding their way into the learning process but these technologies have been largely focused on ways to more efficiently deliver this information to students. There are, however, new technologies that focus on improving the student’s ability to absorb this information[…]

Community Schools as a Model for Heart Centered Education

In the April 2015 Wow!Ed Newsletter an article by Dr. Michele Rivers Murphy, a CEI Research Associate, addressed Crossing the Boundaries of Home, School and Community with Compassion Courage and Confidence.  In that article Dr. Murphy highlighted some of the accomplishments of Dr.  Ramona Bishop, Superintendent of Vallejo’s Unified School District (VCUSD) in California. In[…]

2015 Tax Deductible Donations to CEI

December 2015. CEI needs your help to continue our work. For the next month, CEI will be able to match donations up to $2,000’”dollar for dollar.  Please consider an end of the year donation to CEI to continue our enewsletter, blog, research, and grant development as we advance 21st Century leading and learning.  In the[…]