Using Gaze Aversion to Improve Metacognition

By Kathleen Sciarappa, CEI Educational Consultant. When a difficult question is posed, do you look left or right while thinking about your response? Do you look up or down as you consider your answer? When you avert your gaze does the listener realize you are thinking and give you more time for a response? To explore
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What Makes Finland’s Education System So Successful?

By Joseph Jay Williams, Doctoral Candidate University of California Berkeley, Research Assistant CEI. Finland has received a great deal of attention for the quality of their education system. In fact, Dr. Mason is giving a keynote presentation at a Finnish University this summer, on Heart Centered Education. Below is a post and infographic from
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Brains, the Common Core & Leadership

I am participating this weekend in a conference on Learning and the Brain. Actually multi-tasking with my iPad as I listen to lectures that tell us that the human brain was not designed for sitting hours on end to absorb information. We were designed of course to be active hunters and gathers, outside, interacting with
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The Pursuit

I have been focused recently on best practices in education and have been reflecting on some of the teachers and schools that have excelled.  I remember about a decade ago when Edutopia described a teacher from Everett, Washington who was working with her students on architectural projects.  This was shortly after NCLB came out, and
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Rigor and Waivers

Could it be that providing a NCLB waiver will result in greater rigor?  What will states propose to do to demonstrate that they are striving for rigor, even as they request a waiver from the NCLB requirements?  When someone is learning to play an instrument, sometimes the best performance occurs during rehearsal. Sometimes the pressure
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Visioning the Future of Schools….Visioning the Future

How closely is the future of schools correlated with the future for all globally? Any guesses? What are the 5 top trends in education today? Perhaps: Common Core Standards; Global Competition for the U.S.; more rigor; more technology; and school improvement.  Other recent initiatives: STEM, Charter Schools, project-based learning, preparation for college, and the small
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