Athletics Complement Education – Year Round

By Drew Altizer, CEI Intern The Olympics are here and we are all basking in the thrill of the race, most often from the spectator stands via remote control. However, we really get more benefits when we participate! To the parents weary about their child getting head injuries and the students who think they don’t[…]

Webinar on CEI Heart Centered 21st Century Rubric

By Christine Mason The CEI Heart Centered 21st Century Rubric is a research-based approach for planning, assessment, and monitoring implementation of social equity, neuroscience, cross-cultural, student voice, and STEAM/STEM curricula, lessons, and practices in K-12 classrooms and schools. Includes 78 tools, a four- point scale, and capability with the Administrator Version to aggregate data across[…]

CEI Innovations Ship- Classrooms of the Future – at NAESP Conference

By Christine Mason The National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) will be holding its Annual Conference in Long Beach, CA this summer — June 30-July 2.  CEI is excited to announce that once again we will be holding a “panel meeting” discussion with some of CEI’s top leaders. To get the best conference rates,[…]

Ethnic Minority Students Become Majority in the Classroom

By Nick Jones, CEI Intern This fall marks the first school year that ethnic and racial minority students are the majority in public schools. Such a shift in classroom demographics means that teachers will have to assess how to best meet their students’ needs all the while pushing for better test scores. Addressing academic weaknesses[…]

CEI Executive Director’s Interview on Blog Radio

By Christine Mason, CEI Executive Director. My colleague, Kevin Simpson, Executive Director of KDSL, an international educational consulting firm, interviewed me on April 15 on Blog Radio. Kevin and I are both concerned about advancing innovations and preparing schools for the 21st century. In this interview, Kevin asked about CEI’s work with rigor, the Common[…]

NAESP Academic Rigor Webinar Thurs. Feb. 6

By Kathleen Sciarappa, Ph.D.  CEI  and NAESP Consultant.  Academic Rigor and the Road to ‘Exemplary.’ Thursday, February 6, 2014 . Click to Register   Time: 4  p.m. ‘“ 5 p.m. (Eastern). No Charge. Webinar Description. The NAESP Rigor seminar was developed with an eye toward providing information about rigor in the classroom, especially in light of the Common[…]

Where’s the Focus? Rigor and the Common Core

By Christine Mason. I have long considered ‘rigor’ to be the sweet spot of the Common Core State Standards.  In fact, by implementing the Common Core and other high academic standards, schools begin to focus more on deep conceptual understanding, problem solving, and critical thinking, then we may in fact be achieving some worthwhile ends. […]

Sailing and Rigging: Learning and Rigor

By Christine Mason. “… the westerly wind dropped, and a southerly rose swiftly, galling me to the heart lest I retrace our course to meet the whirlpool’s terror. All night I was swept along, and at sunrise was back at Scylla‘s rock, and dread Charybdis, who swallowed the water round me” (from Homer’s Odyssey). And from[…]