New England Mental Health Technology Transfer Center Announces Inaugural Fellows

By Christine Mason and Martha Staeheli The New England Mental Health Technology Transfer Center (New England MHTTC) Network, one of the 10 Regional Centers of the MHTTC Network, announced today the 23 Fellows who will support the Childhood-Trauma Learning Collaborative (C-TLC). The C-TLC Fellows Program, under the auspices of the Yale Program for Recovery and[…]

The Strength of Vulnerability

By Maddy Pribanova, CEI Intern Vulnerability – the odds are that a discussion of vulnerability is not a part of your school curriculum. The odds are that your teachers are not encouraged to help children to be vulnerable. However, Dr. Brene Brown, a research professor in Social Work at the University of Houston, and author[…]

3 Must-Read Books for 2018

Reflective educators are effective educators For teachers and leaders to be at their personal and professional best, it is essential that they prioritize their own well-being. Mindfulness Practices, Take Time for You, and HEART! offer specific guidance and support for new and veteran educators through reflection questions, journaling activities, self-care practices, and more.    […]

Mindfulness Based Mentoring: A Focus on Students from Pre-K to Higher Education

  Join us for this IMA Webinar! Mindfulness-Based Mentoring: A Focus on Students from Pre-K to Higher Education Attend this webinar to explore the rationale for understanding mindfulness as applied to mentoring — including the research on neuroplasticity and the effectiveness of mindfulness in reducing stress and improving well-being, trends on its use, and the[…]

Elastic Thinking: Staying Competitive in Our Fast-Paced World

Dana Asby, CEI Intern Current societal demands have us multi-tasking our way through our days: texting while making breakfast, checking the news while waiting for the bus, and filling every free moment gaining or exchanging new pieces of information. To keep up with this information overload and adapt to our ever-changing world, Leonard Mlodinow says[…]

Early Childhood Trauma and Self-Inflicted Injury: Building Trust

By Suzan Mullane, CEI Research Associate and Faculty Editor’s Note: Suzan has trained teams to become trauma care specialists in their own districts. Contact the Center for Educational Improvement for additional information.  The number of children who experience tremendous horror in the first years of life is on the rise, as is the collateral damage of[…]

Promoting Strong Neuroplasticity and Grit in Early Childhood

Suzan Mullane, CEI Faculty and Trustee “You have to fix the hole in the soul before you can teach grit” (Oprah Winfrey 2018, CBS This Morning Interview) Healthy bodies, compassionate hearts, a regulated brain, positive human attachments, and grit are the ideal in early childhood development. For those who have less than the ideal, schools are the[…]