Further SEL: Participate in School Compassionate Culture Validation Study

  Paul Liabenow, President of CEI and Executive Director of MEMSPA, the Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principals Association, in describing the need for this measure of social emotional learning, says, “The situation is urgent. Teachers and principals are challenged by the lack of capacity to deal with social emotional learning. Your participation in this[…]

CEI Presents at Syracuse Early Care Conference

Christine Mason, CEI Executive Director, and Orinthia Harris, CEI STEM presenter, delivered two CEI workshops at the Early Care & Education Conference, sponsored by SUNY, on June 8 and 9, in Syracuse New York. As part of CEI’s STEM Road Show, Ms. Harris spoke on Early Childhood STEM and Robotics. At her session, enthusiastic participants[…]

Tools to Implement 21st Century Practices: A CEI Survey

Christine Mason and Brogan Murphy, CEI Intern How can CEI assist principals and teachers in integrating 21st Century practices in their schools? In July, CEI conducted a brief online survey to help us better understand your interests and your preferences for how we conduct demonstration projects. CEI, with our collaborators, currently offers six tools to[…]

New Ways to Engage Students: Makerspaces

By Grace Rubenstein, CEI Intern Take the leap and join one of the latest innovations in STEM education at the primary and secondary school level. A makerspace can be in a school, a library, and even a museum. Any location commonly visited by children is the perfect point of interception for developing minds. Through age[…]

Athletics Complement Education – Year Round

By Drew Altizer, CEI Intern The Olympics are here and we are all basking in the thrill of the race, most often from the spectator stands via remote control. However, we really get more benefits when we participate! To the parents weary about their child getting head injuries and the students who think they don’t[…]

Music and Brain Science

By Amber Nicole Dilger, CEI Associate, and Christine Mason. Are you incorporating music in your classrooms, cafeteria, and hallways? Perhaps it is piped into the school offices? Music is a Curious Thing. Archaeologists have found flutes that were created around 42,000 years ago. The location of cave paintings made over 10,000 years ago interestingly point to[…]

Using 21st Century Practices- Results of CEI’s Survey of Principals and Other Leaders

By Christine Mason How frequently are 21st Century educational practices used in schools? Which of these practices are used most frequently? Sixty-nine early respondents answered questions to a brief, nine-question survey on 21st Century Learning that the Center for Educational Improvement (CEI) emailed to principals and other educational leaders in May of 2016. The survey[…]

Healing Self, Healing our Nation

By Christine Mason Sitting in my meditation room this morning, after arising early (4 a.m. today) and sending prayers for healing to people in Dallas, Orlando, Baton Rouge, and Minnesota, I next considered my family and myself. I envisioned my family surrounded by a pale golden light, a light of healing and protection. Breathing deeply, I filled[…]