A Teacher’s Appeal to the Heart – Does Spirituality Have a Place in Schools?

By Marah Barrows, CEI Intern, and Christine Mason Does spirituality have a place in schools? A tough question. Particularly since we have been ingrained with the separation of religion and state and also because we are acutely aware that we do not want to impose our religion or spirituality on others. But what is spirituality?[…]

Compassionate Schools Survey – Deadline extended to March 15

Click here to begin the survey. Principals, please forward to your teachers to respond.  We welcome responses from K-8 teachers This 12-15 minute survey measures teacher opinions regarding implementation of mindfulness, compassion, courage, equity, neuroplasticity, and cultural competence. We are at the mid-way point to getting responses needed to validate our survey so that you can include this[…]

Poverty – What is a Compassionate Response?

by Christine Mason Editors Note: in 2016-2017, CEI took a deep look at hunger and food scarcity. Over several months, we conducted background research, wrote blogs, posted eArticles in Wow! Ed, and even held a competition to stimulate classroom investigations and projects.  This year we are turning to Poverty, with a similar in-depth dive. Poverty?[…]

Mindfulness and Maslow

By Marah Barrow, CEI Intern In public education, teachers are asked to address the needs of students coming from diverse backgrounds, making this task rather daunting. More times than not, especially at the elementary level, students may have difficulty expressing their needs, and how these needs can most effectively be met. The needs of a[…]

11 Award Winners and More Opportunities – Validation Study Continuing

By Christine Mason, CEI Executive Director and Paul Liabenow, CEI President A huge, huge thanks to all who have responded to our Compassionate Schools Validation Study. Round 1 ended yesterday and we are starting Round 2 today, with more opportunities for your input — once again we will be awarding 11 Amazon gift cards.   Click here to[…]

Respond Now: Help Validate our School Compassionate Culture Survey

Please take 12-15 minutes to help validate our school climate scale. We are looking for K-8 teachers to respond. School leaders please forward to teachers at your school or district! Our sincere thanks to teachers from 21 states, DC, and one Latin American Country who have already responded. $750 in prizes to be awarded. Jan.[…]