Fears of Compassion

By Vien Nguyen, CEI Intern Editor’s Note: This is Part 1 of a series on Barriers to Compassion. A teacher colleague of mine said her first year in urban teaching “set her nerves on fire.” Every day she felt equal parts excited, exhausted, and determined. Many new teachers are overwhelmed and suffer from “empathic distress,”[…]

Resiliency in Students

By Didi Dunin, CEI Intern Unfortunately, not all children grow up in a healthy environment with nurturing caregivers and positive role models. Many children endure social, cultural, racial, physical, and/or economic hardships that influence their opportunities, experiences, behavior patterns, and worldviews. If caregivers and educators do not intervene, these adversities can lead to social and[…]

Kicking Off a Year of Growing Together in the Childhood-Trauma Learning Collaborative

By Dana Asby, CEI Director of Innovation and Research Support, and Haley Sirota, CEI Intern On April 29th, the Childhood-Trauma Learning Collaborative (C-TLC) had its kick-off event, which highlighted the complexities behind the effects of trauma on child development and learning. Presenters who have worked with the Center for Educational Improvement to deliver high quality[…]

Compassionate School Policies

By June Naureckas, CEI Intern Both in-school and out-of-school suspensions can lead to students dropping out and have life-long consequences on their economic success. Some school districts are finding alternative disciplinary actions that are less harmful to students and more effective at improving their behavior. The Cost of Suspension A 2016 study by the UCLA’s[…]

Yoga in Schools: Specific Postures, Sequences, and Lesson Plans

By Didi Dunin, CEI Intern, certified yoga instructor  Research shows that practicing yoga in schools has a number of benefits for students, including decreased stress; increased focus, self-regulation, and emotional cognition; and better academic performance (see Yoga in Schools Part 1).  What does yoga in schools look like? To ensure students are getting the maximum benefits[…]

LGBTQ Youth Mental Health: A Perpetual Issue Hidden in the Shadows

By Kenn Dela Cruz, CEI Intern Year after year, statistics on the LGBTQ community continue to highlight the climbing prevalence of LGBTQ mental health issues across the United States. Yet, these issues only get national attention when members of the LGBTQ community fall victim to heinous hate crimes. For instance, the mass shooting in the[…]

Bringing Trauma Responsive Practices to School Leaders: CEI Partners with Mental Health Technology Transfer Center (MHTTC) Network

By Christine Condo, CEI Intern & Dana Asby, CEI Director of Innovation & Research Support One in five American adults experiences mental illness in his/her lifetime; 1 in 25 live each day with a serious mental illness (NAMI, n.d.). No one would walk through life with a constant ache in his/her foot, yet millions of[…]