Comparing Mindfulness Practices across the United States and Canada

By Lindsey Erin Feltis, CEI Intern, and Kaitlyn Butterfield, Canadian Graduate Student  When Christopher and colleagues compared mindfulness in the United States and Thailand, their research revealed important differences between the two countries, suggesting that Western and Eastern conceptualizations of mindfulness differ significantly (Christopher, Charoensuk, Gilbert, Neary & Pearce, 2009, p. 607).  When comparing mindfulness[…]

3 Must-Read Books for 2018

Reflective educators are effective educators For teachers and leaders to be at their personal and professional best, it is essential that they prioritize their own well-being. Mindfulness Practices, Take Time for You, and HEART! offer specific guidance and support for new and veteran educators through reflection questions, journaling activities, self-care practices, and more.    […]

Review of I Am Here Now: A Creative Mindfulness Guide and Journal

By Dana Asby, CEI Intern  At the Center for Educational Improvement, we tirelessly promote mindfulness, because we know that science has proven its myriad benefits: lower stress levels, fewer incidences of mental health concerns, improved physical health, better academic outcomes, and more constructive responses to conflict (Shaver, Lavy, Saron, & Milkulincer, 2007). Discussing theory and[…]

School-Based Mindfulness and Yoga Interventions

By: Nicole Colchete and Daniella Rueda, CEI Interns “Today, teachers are experiencing high levels of stress that can have a negative impact on their teaching and the learning environment” (Jennings, 2013). Burn-out related stress, time-related stress, and societal stress are all challenges that teachers often face. To combat these challenges, schools and institutions implement mindfulness[…]

Yoga Games

By: Madison Rogas, CEI Intern Yoga has become a more widely used tool for educators and parents alike to help teach children self-regulation, develop body awareness, and learn to move their bodies in healthy ways. Yoga also helps decrease stress. By incorporating yoga into preschool classrooms, children have the opportunity to develop tools for a[…]


By: Dana Asby, CEI Intern  Mindfulness Practices: Cultivating Heart Centered School Communities Where Students Focus and Flourish promotes ways in which educators can uplift students by implementing mindful breathing, yoga, meditation, and instruction in classrooms, and building caring, kind, compassionate schools. Based on heart centered learning, Mindfulness Practices explains through research the influential power that[…]

S-CCATE Validation Study Ends- Final Award Winners

By Christine Mason From October 2017- April 2018, CEI conducted a validation study of our School – Compassionate Culture Analytic Tool for Educators (S-CCATE). During that time over 800 teachers from 25 states, the District of Columbia, and six countries responded to our online survey. In January 2018, we announced 11 award winners; our March[…]

Compassionate School Culture: Add Your Voice – Respond by March 22

Click here to begin the survey. Principals, please forward to your teachers to respond.  We welcome responses from K-8 teachers We are getting so close – yet the validity of our scale will be increased if we have a few more responses. So we are extending the deadline to March 22. Help us reach our goal! We are[…]