Featured Fellow: Lisa Parker

By Vien Nguyen, CEI Intern This August, the Childhood-Trauma Learning Collaborative (C-TLC) is celebrating its first Featured Fellow! We’d like to introduce Lisa Parker, who inspires students every day as a high school social worker in Rhode Island. Earlier this year, Lisa presented at a very successful Mental Health Summit hosted by the National Education[…]

New England Mental Health Technology Transfer Center Announces Inaugural Fellows

By Christine Mason and Martha Staeheli The New England Mental Health Technology Transfer Center (New England MHTTC) Network, one of the 10 Regional Centers of the MHTTC Network, announced today the 23 Fellows who will support the Childhood-Trauma Learning Collaborative (C-TLC). The C-TLC Fellows Program, under the auspices of the Yale Program for Recovery and[…]

Comparing Mindfulness Practices across the United States and Canada

By Lindsey Erin Feltis, CEI Intern, and Kaitlyn Butterfield, Canadian Graduate Student  When Christopher and colleagues compared mindfulness in the United States and Thailand, their research revealed important differences between the two countries, suggesting that Western and Eastern conceptualizations of mindfulness differ significantly (Christopher, Charoensuk, Gilbert, Neary & Pearce, 2009, p. 607).  When comparing mindfulness[…]

Looking at Discipline Differently: Bringing Restorative Discipline to the Classroom

By Lindsey Erin Feltis, CEI Intern Shame. Embarrassment. Isolation. These are words that students, and teachers, often associate with the traditional punitive style of discipline they see in their classrooms. Even though research suggests that punishment is often ‘ineffective (and) counter-productive,’ many teachers, principals and educators still rely on punishment in their classrooms (Amstutz &[…]

Mindfulness Based Mentoring: A Focus on Students from Pre-K to Higher Education

  Join us for this IMA Webinar! Mindfulness-Based Mentoring: A Focus on Students from Pre-K to Higher Education Attend this webinar to explore the rationale for understanding mindfulness as applied to mentoring — including the research on neuroplasticity and the effectiveness of mindfulness in reducing stress and improving well-being, trends on its use, and the[…]

Review of I Am Here Now: A Creative Mindfulness Guide and Journal

By Dana Asby, CEI Intern  At the Center for Educational Improvement, we tirelessly promote mindfulness, because we know that science has proven its myriad benefits: lower stress levels, fewer incidences of mental health concerns, improved physical health, better academic outcomes, and more constructive responses to conflict (Shaver, Lavy, Saron, & Milkulincer, 2007). Discussing theory and[…]

The Trauma of Immigrating to America: An Interview with a Seasoned Immigration Lawyer

By: Dana Asby, CEI Intern  A flood of articles, papers, and other news reports about the detrimental effects of the trauma caused by separating families at the border used neuroscience and appeals to morality to convince the current administration to change its immigration policy. However, in a few short weeks, monumental damage was inflicted on[…]

A Change in Policy is Not Enough: Why Swift Reunification of Families is Imperative

By: Dana Asby, CEI Intern President Trump has retreated on the strategy of using an inhumane policy of separating children from their families at the border in an attempt to gain power at the negotiating table with Congress (Scherer & Dawsey, 2018); however, about 2,300 children remain in detention centers without their families (Shear Goodnough,[…]