CEI Presents at Syracuse Early Care Conference

Christine Mason, CEI Executive Director, and Orinthia Harris, CEI STEM presenter, delivered two CEI workshops at the Early Care & Education Conference, sponsored by SUNY, on June 8 and 9, in Syracuse New York. As part of CEI’s STEM Road Show, Ms. Harris spoke on Early Childhood STEM and Robotics. At her session, enthusiastic participants[…]

We Are Lacking a Realistic New Vision for Education

By Christine Mason and Maud Schaafsma On Inauguration Day 2017, we pause for a moment to ask our colleagues about their hopes and dreams for schools. In 2017 and the years to come. Peter Senge, the brilliant systems thinker from MIT and author of Schools that Learn, observed: “Aspiration does not come easily in most[…]

Hunger and Malnutrition in the US

By Christine Mason Did you know that: 20% of the population in Mississippi is “food insecure”? – the highest in the United States, followed by Arkansas (19%), Louisiana (18%), Alabama (19%), and Kentucky (17%) The poverty rate for children is 20% 19.4 million people in the US live in extreme poverty, which means that the[…]

National Call for Inclusive Values

CEI supports this call for inclusivity The following organizations have sent out a national call for inclusivity and the banishment of fear in our schools: The School Superintendents Association (AASA) American School Counselor Association (ASCA) Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN) National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS)[…]

FAQs: CEI’s Hunger- Food Insecurity Lessons Update for 2017

By Christine Mason For the past three months CEI has been promoting a 21st Century program we developed to help 6th-8th grade students understand not only issues related to hunger, but also civic responsibility and the importance of philanthropy. We have awarded 10 stipends to teachers who agreed to implement the program and provide feedback to CEI.[…]

Maslow’s Hierarchy – Where Does Food Fall?

By Christine Mason Maslow’s Hierarchy — probably one of the most frequently shared perspectives in child development, educational foundation, or psychology classes. Abraham Maslow, a psychologist, studied individuals who made significant contributions to society such as Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Frederick Douglas, and compared their lives to those of individuals who were neurotic[…]

A Post-Election Resource for Teachers

Editor: We are dismayed by the uptick in harassment and the fear that some children are now experiencing. Over the next few weeks, we plan to share resources that we believe will be particularly useful to schools. If you are still wondering, as a teacher, how to be what your students need after the 2016[…]