Where is Your School Headed? Dissolve Your Problems & Be an Outlier

By Christine Mason, CEI Executive Director Do You Even Want to Dream? This week and next, after a summer of play, students are headed back to school. Principals and teachers have been gearing up for the first day of school, considering their plans for the year. If your school is like many others, you may be[…]

CEI Presents with P21 at July 2016 Principals’ Conference

By Mahnaz Ahrary, CEI Intern, and Christine Mason Visioning. Dr. Christine Mason, CEI Executive Director, joined Dr. Helen Soule, Executive Director of Partnership for the 21st Century (P21), and a panel of distinguished elementary school principals for two presentations at the National Association of Elementary School Principals’ conference in National Harbor Maryland, on July 7[…]

CEI Becomes a Pioneer in the Children’s Wellbeing Intiative

  CEI is overjoyed to announce that our “Heart-Centered 21st Century Learning” project has been named a Pioneer in the Children’s Well-Being Initiative! We have been invited into the inner council of Ashoka and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, forging a better vision for the lives of children growing up in America. Children’s Wellbeing is[…]

Careful the Things You Say

By Amber Nicole Dilger, CEI Associate In Stephen Sondheim’s musical, Into the Woods, there’s a haunting song that warns us: Careful the things you say, Children will listen. Careful the things you do, Children will see, and learn. Click to listen to my recording of “Children Will Listen.” Our Feedback. In my work as a[…]

Heart Beaming Certification

Are you interested in introducing CEI’s Heart Beaming in your classrooms, but uncertain of your ability to teach yogic breathing and basic heart beaming? CEI is dedicated to promoting the benefits of Heart Beaming, yoga, mindfulness, and meditation in schools. The benefits are many. They include: Greater focus Relaxation, stress reduction Improved ability to reason, problem[…]

CEI’s Final Technology Guidelines

By Christine Mason Last year CEI held a contest to update CEI’s Technology Guidelines for Principals.  Alleta Baltes won the contest and headed a team that worked with CEI staff to finalize guidelines for principals to use with their staff.  Baltes has served as the principal of the Ashgrove School in Riverton, Wyoming for 20[…]

CEI’s 21st Century Learning Rubric

By Christine Mason CEI’s 21st Century Rubric  incorporates a way to plan and measure the key elements of CEI’s vision for education. The Rubric is a tool for planning, assessment, and monitoring implementation of heart centered, neuroscience, and STEAM/STEM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) curricula, lessons, and practices in K-12 classrooms and schools. The rubric is[…]

Back to the States

By Christine Mason, CEI Executive Director We recommend you click on the links to listen as you read. No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and its companion, the Common Core, are fading away; soon to be only a memory. . . just a memory. A good or bad thing? Will we, a few years from now, be chanting[…]