CEI to Present at Principals Conference July 11 in Philadelphia

By Christine Mason, CEI Executive Director Mindfulness: Healing Trauma with the School Compassionate Culture Analytic Tool in Heart Centered Learning Communities Tuesday, July 11, 7:30-8:45 am, Room 103B at the National Principals Conference in Philadelphia, PA Participants engage in exercises to learn about trauma, mindfulness and S-CCATE (School Compassionate Cultural Analytic Tool for Educators) as[…]

ESSA, Historical Antecedents & the Future of Education

By Rachel Kelly, CEI Intern Where are we headed with ESSA (the Every Student Succeeds Act) with the Trump Administration? Will ESSA bring about the much needed relief that will help teachers and students find balanced lives again?  Or will the pressure to achieve continue? At a time when Finland is easing up on its[…]

Succeeding in Graduate School: Tips from Graduate Students with Disabilities

By Marcy Hayes CEI Note: While CEI tends to focus on preK-12 education, occasionally organizations request that we post information on related topics. In this case, the University of Washington asked for our assistance with circulating material on a new publication on succeeding in Graduate School Graduate school is a huge step in anyone’s life. When people think[…]