Looking at Discipline Differently: Bringing Restorative Discipline to the Classroom

By Lindsey Erin Feltis, CEI Intern Shame. Embarrassment. Isolation. These are words that students, and teachers, often associate with the traditional punitive style of discipline they see in their classrooms. Even though research suggests that punishment is often ‘ineffective (and) counter-productive,’ many teachers, principals and educators still rely on punishment in their classrooms (Amstutz &[…]

Compassionate Discipline in Practice

By Maddy Pribanova, CEI Intern Incorporating compassionate discipline within schools and homes can be challenging. At times, it’s difficult to know where to start. Senior teacher and trainer, Grace Dearborn, and the Irvington School in Portland, OR have begun adopting the principles of compassionate discipline in their classrooms. Dearborn and others at Irvington apply them[…]

The Trauma of Immigrating to America: An Interview with a Seasoned Immigration Lawyer

By: Dana Asby, CEI Intern  A flood of articles, papers, and other news reports about the detrimental effects of the trauma caused by separating families at the border used neuroscience and appeals to morality to convince the current administration to change its immigration policy. However, in a few short weeks, monumental damage was inflicted on[…]

A Change in Policy is Not Enough: Why Swift Reunification of Families is Imperative

By: Dana Asby, CEI Intern President Trump has retreated on the strategy of using an inhumane policy of separating children from their families at the border in an attempt to gain power at the negotiating table with Congress (Scherer & Dawsey, 2018); however, about 2,300 children remain in detention centers without their families (Shear Goodnough,[…]

Separating Children from Families at the Border Has Short- and Long-Term Consequences for Mental Health

By Dana Asby, CEI Intern, and Christine Mason US immigration policies resulted in 1,800 immigrant families being separated at the border of the U.S. and Mexico between October 2016 and February 2018 (Rosenberg, 2018). However, stricter and harsher enforcement of these policies during the last two months has gained international attention and a worldwide outcry. The[…]

S-CCATE Validation Study Ends- Final Award Winners

By Christine Mason From October 2017- April 2018, CEI conducted a validation study of our School – Compassionate Culture Analytic Tool for Educators (S-CCATE). During that time over 800 teachers from 25 states, the District of Columbia, and six countries responded to our online survey. In January 2018, we announced 11 award winners; our March[…]

Compassionate School Culture: Add Your Voice – Respond by March 22

Click here to begin the survey. Principals, please forward to your teachers to respond.  We welcome responses from K-8 teachers We are getting so close – yet the validity of our scale will be increased if we have a few more responses. So we are extending the deadline to March 22. Help us reach our goal! We are[…]

Self-Determination for Students with Disabilities

By Sharon Field & Christine Mason For the last several decades schools have followed regulations to make sure students who are identified as having disabilities have Individualized Education Programs (IEP). As part of the same legislation, students participate in developing transition plans to facilitate their planning for their lives after they leave school. Most educators[…]