Last 7 days! Please take 15 min. for Compassion

By Christine Mason, CEI Executive Director Where do you see schools in 5 to 10 years? What matters to you? If you care about children and what schools can do to help them, please take 12-15 minutes to help us validate the S-CCATE (School- Compassionate Culture Analytic Tool for Educators). Click here to begin the survey. Principals, please[…]

Deadline Extended to Jan. 29: Participate in School Compassionate Culture Validation Study

  Paul Liabenow, President of CEI and Executive Director of MEMSPA, the Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principals Association, in describing the need for this measure of social emotional learning, says, “The situation is urgent. Teachers and principals are challenged by the lack of capacity to deal with social emotional learning. Your participation in this[…]

FAQs: CEI’s Hunger- Food Insecurity Lessons Update for 2017

By Christine Mason For the past three months CEI has been promoting a 21st Century program we developed to help 6th-8th grade students understand not only issues related to hunger, but also civic responsibility and the importance of philanthropy. We have awarded 10 stipends to teachers who agreed to implement the program and provide feedback to CEI.[…]

CEI Partners -The Collaboration Nation Survey

CEI has taken on a new research effort! We are partnering with Collaboration Nation to uncover how collaboration skills are taught in schools and what more needs to be done. More and more in the working world, collaborative skills are a desired quality in a job candidates. Are we preparing our children in the classroom[…]

Water Safety and Risks

By Brogan Murphy, CEI Intern When you hear the terms ‘security’ and ‘safety,’ what comes to mind? Probably a variety of things, from protecting your home or business from intruders, to keeping your personal information away from prying eyes. But true ‘security’ is about more than just keeping things away – it’s about ensuring that[…]

Tools to Implement 21st Century Practices: A CEI Survey

Christine Mason and Brogan Murphy, CEI Intern How can CEI assist principals and teachers in integrating 21st Century practices in their schools? In July, CEI conducted a brief online survey to help us better understand your interests and your preferences for how we conduct demonstration projects. CEI, with our collaborators, currently offers six tools to[…]

New Ways to Engage Students: Makerspaces

By Grace Rubenstein, CEI Intern Take the leap and join one of the latest innovations in STEM education at the primary and secondary school level. A makerspace can be in a school, a library, and even a museum. Any location commonly visited by children is the perfect point of interception for developing minds. Through age[…]

Where is Your School Headed? Dissolve Your Problems & Be an Outlier

By Christine Mason, CEI Executive Director Do You Even Want to Dream? This week and next, after a summer of play, students are headed back to school. Principals and teachers have been gearing up for the first day of school, considering their plans for the year. If your school is like many others, you may be[…]