CEI Robotics and STEM/STEAM Early Childhood Presentations in DC

By Mahnaz Ahrary and Drew Altizer, CEI Interns Fight for Children: Joe Champs Summer Institute Conference June 22nd-23rd, 2016 ‘The future belongs to a different kind of person with a different kind of mind: designers, inventors, teachers, storytellers: creative and empathic ‘˜right-brain’ thinkers whose abilities mark the fault line between who gets ahead and who
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Webinar on CEI Heart Centered 21st Century Rubric

By Christine Mason The CEI Heart Centered 21st Century Rubric is a research-based approach for planning, assessment, and monitoring implementation of social equity, neuroscience, cross-cultural, student voice, and STEAM/STEM curricula, lessons, and practices in K-12 classrooms and schools. Includes 78 tools, a four- point scale, and capability with the Administrator Version to aggregate data across
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The Practice of Heart Beaming – Finding Quiet Moments

By Dr. Michele Rivers Murphy, CEI Research Associate and Consultant Imagine for a Moment Close your eyes, take a few deep and slow breaths . . .  Open your eyes and picture a school full of 400 elementary students who have just arrived to school (one of the busiest times of any school day, along with
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Testimonials: CEI in Schools

By Donald Kim As CEI transitions to its new website, we wanted to make sure that our viewers had  a chance to hear more about our services. So here are some Testimonials: Re: Orinthia Harris, CEI’s Preschool STEM/STEAM Presenter. ‘Mrs. Harris exudes passion through her high energy and engaging PD that leaves participants with practical
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Heart Beaming Certification

Are you interested in introducing CEI’s Heart Beaming in your classrooms, but uncertain of your ability to teach yogic breathing and basic heart beaming? CEI is dedicated to promoting the benefits of Heart Beaming, yoga, mindfulness, and meditation in schools. The benefits are many. They include: Greater focus Relaxation, stress reduction Improved ability to reason, problem
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CEI Now Expanding Offerings – Yoga and Meditation

By Christine Mason In June of almost every year I head to the mountains in New Mexico for Summer Solstice, a yoga event attended by about 1800 yoga practitioners from around the world.  I began that practice in 1995 and it is part of my routine.  However, yoga doesn’t need to be in the mountains,
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CEI’s Final Technology Guidelines

By Christine Mason Last year CEI held a contest to update CEI’s Technology Guidelines for Principals.  Alleta Baltes won the contest and headed a team that worked with CEI staff to finalize guidelines for principals to use with their staff.  Baltes has served as the principal of the Ashgrove School in Riverton, Wyoming for 20
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Back to the States

By Christine Mason, CEI Executive Director We recommend you click on the links to listen as you read. No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and its companion, the Common Core, are fading away; soon to be only a memory. . . just a memory. A good or bad thing? Will we, a few years from now, be chanting
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