Water Safety and Risks

By Brogan Murphy, CEI Intern When you hear the terms ‘˜security’ and ‘˜safety,’ what comes to mind? Probably a variety of things, from protecting your home or business from intruders, to keeping your personal information away from prying eyes. But true ‘˜security’ is about more than just keeping things away ‘“ it’s about ensuring that[…]

Back to the States

By Christine Mason, CEI Executive Director We recommend you click on the links to listen as you read. No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and its companion, the Common Core, are fading away; soon to be only a memory. . . just a memory. A good or bad thing? Will we, a few years from now, be chanting[…]

Presidential Candidates, Part 2

By Donald Kim, CEI Intern, and Christine Mason, CEI Executive Director In Donald Kim’s last blog entry, he covered the education interests of possible presidential candidates. But what do we (CEI) advocate? In short, we envision five objectives, all related to our vision for 21st Century Learning:  Adding meaning and rigor to classrooms Using neuroscience[…]

Common Core and Florida: Tests, Security and Changing Standards

By Joshua Hassell, CEI Intern Florida, historically a leader in educational reform, might have slightly different concerns about Common Core than many of its detractors expected. Florida adopted Common Core standards in 2013 after some minor changes by Governor Rick Scott, and these standards were  fully implemented during the 2014-2015 school year. After this implementation, Florida’s[…]

Curiously Common: A Blog Series Keeping You Curious about the Common Nature of Education

By Elijah Mercer, CEI Education Policy and Communications Intern Arkansas’ particularly high need, rural education district is historically highlighted for its challenges. The state adopted the Common Core Standards in July 2010 with some minor modifications. The main issues with Common Core in Arkansas are nothing new. A lack of computers for testing in high-need[…]

Innumeracy and Integrating Math across the Curriculum

By Lindsay Reeves, CEI Intern, and Christine Mason Math in its basic form, even with newer standards and efforts, is still thought of as being an independent discipline.  The need to integrate it across the curriculum often results in anxiety  for both educators and students; most meet the task with great hesitation.  The reality, however, is that[…]