Compassionate Discipline

By Maddie Pribanova, CEI Intern What is compassionate discipline? As you begin the 2018-2019 school year, what type of discipline will you be implementing at your school? When we think of discipline, we think of authority, control and rigid rules. To be disciplined is often associated with thoughts or even memories of punishment as a
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Well-being, Future Orientation, Risk, and Self-Esteem

By Andrew Barnett Davis, CEI Intern, and Christine Mason Do your students have a vision for their own futures? What is the vision of your teachers for the future of their students? Marc Prensky, founder and executive director of the Institute for Global Future Education, states that: ‘Future-oriented Education means going far beyond adding a
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3 Must-Read Books for 2018

Reflective educators are effective educators For teachers and leaders to be at their personal and professional best, it is essential that they prioritize their own well-being. Mindfulness Practices, Take Time for You, and HEART! offer specific guidance and support for new and veteran educators through reflection questions, journaling activities, self-care practices, and more.    
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Elastic Thinking: Staying Competitive in Our Fast-Paced World

Dana Asby, CEI Intern Current societal demands have us multi-tasking our way through our days: texting while making breakfast, checking the news while waiting for the bus, and filling every free moment gaining or exchanging new pieces of information. To keep up with this information overload and adapt to our ever-changing world, Leonard Mlodinow says
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Opportunities for Trauma Education Online

By: Dana Asby, CEI Intern  Advances in neuroscience over the past decade have led to a greater understanding of how trauma affects student behavior and outcomes and how we educate stakeholders about those effects. The psychology community has expanded its idea of trauma to include not just abuse, neglect, natural disasters, and war, but also
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By: Dana Asby, CEI Intern  Mindfulness Practices: Cultivating Heart Centered School Communities Where Students Focus and Flourish promotes ways in which educators can uplift students by implementing mindful breathing, yoga, meditation, and instruction in classrooms, and building caring, kind, compassionate schools. Based on heart centered learning, Mindfulness Practices explains through research the influential power that
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Summer Yoga Camps

By Madison Rogas, CEI Intern What if a summer experience existed for kids that helped boost self-esteem, instilled a sense of inner peace, and encouraged a sense of play? Well, it does– summer yoga camps for youth are popping up around the U.S. as opportunities that encourage play, and fuel creativity, connections with peers, and
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Innovations in Early Education Programs

By: Morgan Grant, CEI Intern It’s no secret that early education helps to create a sturdy academic foundation for students.  Various studies about child development have shown us that quality education matters. After all, by age five, 90% of the brain has been developed as over one million neural connections are made per second! The
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