Compassionate Discipline in Practice

By Maddy Pribanova, CEI Intern Incorporating compassionate discipline within schools and homes can be challenging. At times, it’s difficult to know where to start. Senior teacher and trainer, Grace Dearborn, and the Irvington School in Portland, OR have begun adopting the principles of compassionate discipline in their classrooms. Dearborn and others at Irvington apply them[…]

The Strength of Vulnerability

By Maddy Pribanova, CEI Intern Vulnerability – the odds are that a discussion of vulnerability is not a part of your school curriculum. The odds are that your teachers are not encouraged to help children to be vulnerable. However, Dr. Brene Brown, a research professor in Social Work at the University of Houston, and author[…]

Part I: Moving from Transactional to Transformational Leadership ‘“ Being a Mindful Principal

Editor’s Note: This is Part I of a CEI series on transformational leadership By Dana Asby, CEI Intern, and Christine Mason Christopher Branson, in his book Leading Educational Change Wisely (2010), describes the moral dimension that is required of school leaders: ‘These leaders need a sense of choice and personal freedom to find new patterns[…]

Compassionate Discipline

By Maddie Pribanova, CEI Intern What is compassionate discipline? As you begin the 2018-2019 school year, what type of discipline will you be implementing at your school? When we think of discipline, we think of authority, control and rigid rules. To be disciplined is often associated with thoughts or even memories of punishment as a[…]

Well-being, Future Orientation, Risk, and Self-Esteem

By Andrew Barnett Davis, CEI Intern, and Christine Mason Do your students have a vision for their own futures? What is the vision of your teachers for the future of their students? Marc Prensky, founder and executive director of the Institute for Global Future Education, states that: ‘Future-oriented Education means going far beyond adding a[…]

3 Must-Read Books for 2018

Reflective educators are effective educators For teachers and leaders to be at their personal and professional best, it is essential that they prioritize their own well-being. Mindfulness Practices, Take Time for You, and HEART! offer specific guidance and support for new and veteran educators through reflection questions, journaling activities, self-care practices, and more.    […]