2015 Tax Deductible Donations to CEI

December 2015. CEI needs your help to continue our work. For the next month, CEI will be able to match donations up to $2,000—dollar for dollar.  Please consider an end of the year donation to CEI to continue our enewsletter, blog, research, and grant development as we advance 21st Century leading and learning.  In the[…]

CEI’s New Free Tool on Heart Beaming

The Center for Educational Improvement (CEI) is pleased to release Heart Beaming: Positive Stress Relieving Exercises for Use in the Classroom in PDF format. Written by Dr. Christine Mason, CEI Director, and Karen Lee Banks, M. ED., CEI Research Associate, the document is a free tool teachers can use to help students relieve stress, improve performance,[…]

The 40 Day Challenge: Part II

In the August edition of WOW! Ed and in The 40 Day Challenge: Part I blog post, I challenged you to discover where you fall on our “Heart Centered Scale” by writing down and focusing on the following five themes each day for 40 days: courage, confidence, compassion, consciousness (awareness), and community. I did the exercise myself, and here[…]

The 40 Day Challenge: Part I

In the August edition of WOW! Ed, I challenged you to write down and focus on five themes each day for 40 days: courage, confidence, compassion, consciousness (awareness), and community. Those of you who are following our heart-centered work will be aware that we are using these themes to drive social emotional learning (SEL) and social[…]

Ending Violence in Schools

The recent tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, weighs heavily on my mind. Those of you who have followed Wow!Ed and the Center for Educational Improvement know that we are grounded in the concept of “heart centered education.” Since I have come to the National Association of Elementary School Principals, Gail Connelly,[…]

Brains, the Common Core & Leadership

I am participating this weekend in a conference on Learning and the Brain. Actually multi-tasking with my iPad as I listen to lectures that tell us that the human brain was not designed for sitting hours on end to absorb information. We were designed of course to be active hunters and gathers, outside, interacting with[…]

Being the Chefs

With Thanksgiving around the corner, I thought it might be appropriate to reflect on what’s happening in education. In a presentation to a Brazilian delegation on Friday I repeated a general sentiment about how principals in the US are feeling right. The principalship is a pressure cooker. Isn’t it amazing that the CEOs of schools[…]

The Pursuit

I have been focused recently on best practices in education and have been reflecting on some of the teachers and schools that have excelled.  I remember about a decade ago when Edutopia described a teacher from Everett, Washington who was working with her students on architectural projects.  This was shortly after NCLB came out, and[…]