Mindfulness Movement in the United Arab Emirates

By Shu Jie Ting, CEI Intern Mindfulness is a phenomenon that is becoming widely applied across the globe. The United Arab Emirates (UAE), one of many prominent leaders advocating for educational progressivism, applies mindfulness in innovative ways to combat chronic pain, stress, and depression.  Mindfulness Trending in UAE Classrooms Classrooms in the United Arab Emirates are[…]

Restorative Justice in Schools: Benefits and Complications

By June Naureckas, CEI Intern Psychological researchers have recommended the integration of restorative justice into middle and high schools for decades. Recent attempts to do just that have been proven to reduce racial and class-based disparities in suspension rates.  Tenets of Restorative Justice Restorative justice was originally developed as a means of overhauling the criminal[…]

Mindfulness for a more Compassionate and Resilient City

By Zenisha Shah, CEI Intern The city of Flint, Michigan has a long history of crippling economic and environmental troubles. Water crisis, lead poisoning, and financial deficit are some of the challenges the city has faced in the past (CNN, 2016). In addition to the implementation of various policies, this crisis calls for non-conventional solutions as[…]

Mindfulness and Autism

By Didi Dunin, CEI intern Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) often engage in maladaptive behaviors such as self-stimulation, aggression, and self-harm as ways to cope with social difficulties and atypical sensory processing. Mindfulness training can help children with ASD cultivate more meaningful social connections by increasing empathy and compassion, develop a more attuned mind-body[…]

Developing Good Listening Skills for Students with Learning Disabilities through Audiobooks

By Didi Dunin, CEI Intern  When students develop listening skills, it supports not only efficient learning and understanding of material in the classroom, but also optimal social engagement with teachers, parents, and peers. Learning strategies that incorporate audiobooks instill a love of reading in students, particularly those with learning disabilities, and may help close the[…]

Mindfulness Practices in Schools: Webinar to Inspire Teachers and School Leaders

By Shu Jie Ting, CEI Intern “No zip code is immune to the epidemic of trauma, stress, and anxiety.” Dr. Michele Rivers Murphy Dr. Michele Rivers Murphy, CEI Associate Director of Heart Centered Learning and Kate Retzel, Principal of Lee Elementary School, recently presented a webinar on how mindfulness practices can help combat against trauma and[…]

Educating Teachers about Neurobiology and Executive Functioning in the Childhood-Trauma Learning Collaborative

By Vien Nguyen, CEI Intern As a part of the Childhood-Trauma Learning Collaborative, Dr. Hilary Hodgdon, Director of Research Operations at the Trauma Center of the Justice Resource Institute, presented a webinar on neurobiology and executive functioning (EF). EF is the key set of skills children need to adapt from one environment to another and to[…]