Parents and Compassion: A Webinar on the Role of Schools in Healing Family Trauma

By Lauren Kiesel, CEI Intern  “Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”– Theodore Roosevelt As Suzan Mullane has seen firsthand in her work with West Virginia schools amidst the opioid crisis, family trauma isn’t simply left at the door when students enter the classroom. When addiction leads to an incarcerated parent or teens becoming the[…]

Featured Fellow: Lisa Parker

By Vien Nguyen, CEI Intern This August, the Childhood-Trauma Learning Collaborative (C-TLC) is celebrating its first Featured Fellow! We’d like to introduce Lisa Parker, who inspires students every day as a high school social worker in Rhode Island. Earlier this year, Lisa presented at a very successful Mental Health Summit hosted by the National Education[…]

Mental Health for All

By Zenisha Shah, CEI Intern Imagine how your life would be impacted if you had to, first, find a specialist to address your mental health concerns equitably—without bias our judgement? This is a reality, if you are a member of an ethnic, racial, religious, or gender group. Accessing quality mental health services has been a[…]

Mindfulness & Compassion: Innovations for Leaders in Government and Business

By Dana Asby, CEI Director of Innovation & Research Support Mindfulness is transforming many schools in the U.S. and around the world into more compassionate communities, but what’s the state of mindfulness outside the school building? How has mindfulness entered the business and government sectors? Many innovative companies and initiatives are bringing mindfulness to small[…]

Mindfulness in Portugal: Leveraging Social Labs to Catalyze Grassroots Change

By Vien Nguyen, CEI Intern Educational fads can be frustrating for teachers, because once the hype dies down, good programs are often abandoned. Despite explosive growth over the past 20 years, the mindfulness movement risks becoming a fad if local communities don’t sustain their buy-in over the long run. Policy makers may need to consider[…]