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CEI Expands its Road  Showroad show

Now offering workshops, technical assistance and research on trauma, mindfulness, and heart centered learning. We travel to you!

Pic for HCL Book_Page_3Workshops are based on CEI developmental activities and research over the past 5 years and on our forth-coming book with authors: Drs. Mason, Michele Rivers Murphy, and Yvette Jackson. Learn facts, consider the bio-neurological implications for child development, and find out how teachers and schools can alleviate developmental trauma and toxic stress.

Workshop presenters include Dr. Mason, Michele Rivers Murphy, Yvette Jackson, and other CEI faculty.

STEM/STEAM. CEI offers professional development on the most effective ways to infuse 21st century science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEM/STEAM) curricula and strategies into classrooms. We provide customized training for Pre-K through Grade 12 and an array of STEM/STEAM workshops:

  • Introduction to STEM/STEAM: 6 Approaches to STEM/STEAM
  • Robotics
  • Coding
  • STEM + “A” = Adding Art
  • STEAM Learning Centers
  • STEM Problem Solving, and
  • How STEM contributes to 21st Century Literacy
  • Using Adobe Photoshop to support STEM (specific sessions for middle school teachers)

Starting in 2017, we will travel to you as part of our STEM/STEAM road show. Our introductory workshop will give you a broad overview of nature-based, play-based, and museum approaches. We also provide general guidelines for introducing STEM/STEAM through problem-solving, maker-spaces and advanced 21st century technologies. We can help you make decisions about the right fit for your school and your community.

According to participants in recent sessions in Washington DC and Florida, our workshops are “practical,” “highly engaging,” and “filled with examples that teachers can immediately implement.” Participants appreciate our trainers’ enthusiasm, high energy levels, and knowledge of implementing STEM/STEAM without purchasing expensive curricula.

Meet Our STEM/STEAM Trainers

Picture2Orinthia Harris and Brandi Carrington are our primary trainers. They are dynamic educators with more than 10 years of experience both inside and outside the classroom. With a passion for making learning engaging, Orinthia, often assisted by Brandi, offers effective and rigorous STEM/STEAM workshops and technical assistance that enables teachers to “fast track” the math and science proficiency of students, and also helps to ignite the creativity and enthusiasm of young learners.

Learn more about our Road Show and workshop series for elementary teachers and early educators, offered in partnership with the DC Association of Chartered Public Schools. Register today. Space is limited for these specially-designed sessions.

Please contact Dr. Christine Mason (cmason@edimprovement.org) for more information on opportunities to develop customized workshops supporting your school, district, or conference activity.