Games in Education

by Victoria Zelvin. Already in schools, teachers and educators are using video games to help foster learning in the classroom. Much of this is done by taking platforms or games that students are already familiar with and integrating them into a learning environment. Teachers are already utilizing one specific, great resource new to them: Minecraft,[…]

21st Century Technology Use in Schools: Guidelines for Principals

By Victoria Zelvin and Christine Mason. Please scroll past Paragraph #3 for the Technology Guidelines and Directions. How is your school handling 21st century technology, personalizing instruction, and innovating in the digital age? One way to increase student engagement is by incorporating mobile devices and the wide range of currently available apps to promote ubiquitous learning[…]

Innovative Apps for Schools

by Victoria Zelvin. Is your school tech savvy?  Do you have a lead technology teacher?  How are technologies found and promoted?  Is there a regular ‘technology fair’ at your school?  In this technological age where many students already own and operate various (and often multiple) mobile devices of their own, it makes sense for educators[…]

The Need to Expand STEM Education

By Victoria Zelvin. How is your school handling STEM? Do you have a relationship with a local engineer or scientist who is assisting your teachers in implementing STEM? The U.S. government realizes that U.S. teachers are not prepared to facilitate the depth of learning that can be acquired with STEM. According to the U.S. Bureau[…]

NEWS RELEASE: Center for Educational Improvement Leading Schools to Excellence, through Excellence

For Immediate Release 1615 Duke Street Alexandria, VA 22314 Contact: Dr. Christine Mason 703-684-3345 ALEXANDRIA, Va. ‘“ Dec. 2, 2013 ‘” The Center for Educational Improvement (CEI) is moving forward with its plans for advancing 21st century educational innovations in 2014 bolstered by the support it received from the  National Association of Elementary School Principals[…]