Mindfulness and Transformational School Leadership

By Christine Mason Visions and Inspiration “Transformational leaders do not think in one place and time, rather, they construct mental models that bridge the present to the future.” (Thoms & Greenberger, 1995) Consider our world today. In Mindfulness Practices: Cultivating Heart Centered Communities where Students Focus and Flourish, with co-authors Michele Rivers Murphy and Yvette[…]

Leadership for the 21st Century

By Michael Chirichello, Ed.D. International Educational Consultant School leaders must build a vision that focuses on the whole child and makes social, emotional and academic learning the mission of schools (Darling-Hammond, 2018). The testing culture must give way to a new culture that nurtures not only academic learning but also social and emotional learning (SEL).[…]

Part II: Transformational Leadership is the Key to Empowering Students

By Lindsey Erin Feltis, CEI Intern, and Christine Mason In our last article on transformational leadership (September, 2018), we introduced you to some of the guiding components of transformational leadership and its benefits. In this article, we want to reiterate some of its benefits, and illustrate why transformational leadership truly is the key to inspiring[…]