Peace at Home: Bringing Parent Education Online

Dana Asby, CEI Intern Many parents, especially first time parents, have low levels of self-efficacy in parenting. In fact, 79% of parents want more information about child-rearing (Zepeda, Varela, and Morales, 2004). Parent education programs typically involve a parent educator conducting a series of classes or workshops with new parents or parents experiencing certain contexts[…]

Elastic Thinking: Staying Competitive in Our Fast-Paced World

Dana Asby, CEI Intern Current societal demands have us multi-tasking our way through our days: texting while making breakfast, checking the news while waiting for the bus, and filling every free moment gaining or exchanging new pieces of information. To keep up with this information overload and adapt to our ever-changing world, Leonard Mlodinow says[…]

Benefits of Structured Art-Making for Children

June Naukeras, CEI Intern Disability and chronic illness often trigger complex emotional responses that are difficult to resolve through traditional talk-based psychotherapy. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), a chronic condition in its own right, can be equally upsetting and silencing; children who have been traumatized rarely have the context or vocabulary to talk through their traumas.[…]

Review of I Am Here Now: A Creative Mindfulness Guide and Journal

By Dana Asby, CEI InternĀ  At the Center for Educational Improvement, we tirelessly promote mindfulness, because we know that science has proven its myriad benefits: lower stress levels, fewer incidences of mental health concerns, improved physical health, better academic outcomes, and more constructive responses to conflict (Shaver, Lavy, Saron, & Milkulincer, 2007). Discussing theory and[…]