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dreamstime_s_5680873As supporters and followers of CEI know, we have been selected as one of the 122 Pioneers in the Children’s Wellbeing Initiative! This initiative will be awarding 10 of the Pioneers funding and mentoring services for their projects. CEI’s project is engaging schools and districts in a Heart Centered 21st Learning program. While the 10 finalists are still being decided, you can join the conversation about CEI’s program HERE by Tuesday, August 16th. You can leave comments/evaluations, reply to others, click the heart to “applaud” this work, or ask questions about the program. You can help us improve our chances of becoming one of the 10 finalists!

Commenter Alleta Baltes stated:

“With the new reauthorization of ESSA and current poverty research emphasizing controlling children’s stress in order to learn, this project is s full package. We need to consider the whole student and create environments that compensate for what students lack at home. Supportive, encouraging curriculum such as this is exactly what is needed in schools today. I have been in education since 1981 and this is the most exciting project I have seen yet. Highly, highly think it covers everything you are looking for and wish it was in every school.”



2 thoughts on “Join the “Heart-Centered” Conversation!

  • This is a program that is a must for our community (Pittsfield MA)-and others as a matter of fact-to revitalize our belief in Education. We must look to the future not for ourselves but for our children. Reading, writing and arithmetic are no longer good enough. We must include “creativity” as one of the new fundamentals of learning.

    Please take serious the Pittsfield environment as one that is advance in its thinking and sincerity for a program such as this.

  • John,
    Thanks for your comment. We are seriously looking at Pittsfield as a possible demonstration site. We must include creativity, 21st Century learning, and compassion.

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