Webinar on CEI Heart Centered 21st Century Rubric

By Christine Mason

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The CEI Heart Centered 21st Century Rubric is a research-based approach for planning, assessment, and monitoring implementation of social equity, neuroscience, cross-cultural, student voice, and STEAM/STEM curricula, lessons, and practices in K-12 classrooms and schools. Includes 78 tools, a four- point scale, and capability with the Administrator Version to aggregate data across classrooms and schools.


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One-quarter of America’s children experience a significant traumatic event prior to age four. When they enter school, bullying and academic failure add to this trauma.

  • To dramatically reduce violence and work towards a more peaceful world where individuals have better self’“esteem and better conflict resolutions skills, instruction in peaceful living must be intentional and school climate, policies, and practices need to shift to be more caring and responsive to learner
  • The CEI Rubric nests skills to build compassion, in the context of engaging learners with STEM/STEAM, attending to the most research regarding building brain capacity, building communities and 21st century knowledge and
  • With the CEI Rubric, teachers and schools can identify areas to target and build capacity on a step- by-step basis at a pace that works for them.

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The CEI Rubric is now available as an interactive tool at the ClassGather and Thrivist Websites using secure, encrypted data. The Rubric may be purchased in combination with the suite of ClassGather academic tools. Tools can be used across platforms, with fully functional mobile

  • $199 Teacher Version
  • $499 Administrator Version with capacity to aggregate data
  • Discounts for districtwide purchases – Technical assistance available, including CEI Workshops for schools

To purchase contact cmason@edimprovement.org, or visit ww.classgather.com or thrivist.com

CEI Approach Build Pathways

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