Testimonials: Yoga and Meditation

By Donald Kim

Note: Dr. Mason sometimes teaches yoga under her spiritual name, Ravi Kaur. Here is a statement from some of her long-time students:

WP_20160116_013Ravi’s Kundalini yoga classes are full of classic and unique yoga postures, fabulous energy producing breath exercises, and the healing energy of thoughtful meditations which have helped me regain, as a senior, much lost flexibility, mobility and a calm self assurance. She is a master teacher of the Kundalini style of yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Great for all ages.’

‘”Steve Simon, Ph.D. 

Yoga student, Virginia

‘KundaliniWP_20160116_007 yoga has been an amazing discovery for me. This practice empowers my spirit as well as my body. Chris provides lessons which include physical poses, breathing techniques and focused meditations. Chris provides motivation, gives individual support, and encourages individual discovery and growth. Each class makes me feel energized and uplifted as well as calm, focused and with a sense of well-being. Thank you!’

‘”Carol Roach

Yoga student, Virgina

Ravi’s Kundalini yoga classes have been an important part of my life since I started taking taking them a number of years ago. I’d taken yoga classes before and enjoyed them, but there is no comparison to Ravi’s classes.  Ravi’s sets are always different, but with familiar elements.  Her narrative during the exercises is so helpful in getting to the “right place” in your head, creating a wholeness of being.  Some classes are more physical, some more meditative.  I love them all, but the meditative exercises bring such a sense of utter peace.  And who doesn’t need that?

‘”Cheryl Karoly

Preschool teacher and Yoga student, Virginia

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